Letters from Readers of Narrow Boat

Four readers of Narrow Boat write letters asking about obtaining boats or hulls and the work required to upgrade them to a serviceable liveaboard.

Letter from A Aldridge 9 July 1945

Mr A Aldridge has deduced Herbert’s Address from Narrow Boat and writes asking if he has hulls for sale and whether he wold be able to do certain work.

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Letter from Mr M Underhill February 27th 1946

Mr M Underhill wants a pleasure vessel of the cabin cruiser type, but failing that a small canal barge that could be converted. He lives in the same village as Mr Aldridge.

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Letter from R C Lapwood 9th September 1948

After reading Narrow Boat, R C Lapwood is convinced that he wants to move himself and his family onto a narrowboat. He sent this letter to Herbert Tooley. He writes asking about a narrowboat hull and further advice. Wishful thinking maybe as he mentions cash issues.

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2 Letters from Arthur Covering February 11th & March 13th 1949

Arthur Covering wants a boat to live on when he retires and asks Herbert to inspect some horse drawn wooden boats being offered for sale in Birmingham. He wonders if the boat can be converted at Tooley’s.

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