Index of Letters from Tom Rolt to Herbert Tooley at Tooley’s Boatyard

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1. November 18th 1943

Rolt wants Herbert to make up some paint and send him a small sample. He thanks him for a stool he made. Asks to give Alfred Hone his regards. Hopes the war will end soon so his boating can resume.

2. December 20th 1943

Rolt asked Herbert if he could paint the design for the front cover on his book Narrow Boat. He enclosed a sketch.

3. January 5th 1944

Rolt is delighted Herbert can do the painting.

4. January 23rd 1944

The painting has arrived and Rolt is sending it to the publisher.

5. July 1st 1946

Chatty letter about his proposed travels in Ireland on the River Shannon, and the Grand and Royal Canals.

6. August 4th 1947

Rolt wants some cabin doors made. He needs to borrow items for an IWA display. He writes of his cruise on the Shropshire Union Canal.